Kite Force Academy, located in Kansas City, is the Midwest's premier online kiteboarding store and professional kitesurfing school! Our mission is three-fold:
  • Serve as a one-stop shop for all your kiteboarding needs, including high performance gear, accessories, and top-notch apparel.
  • Provide our students with safe and high-quality kiteboarding training.
  • Promote and preserve the sport of kiteboarding, snowkiting, and landboarding.
Think you are ready to experience the pure rush of kiteboarding?!

Kiteboarding is the most exhilarating new wind sport to hit the Kansas City area! Be ready to either get your heart pounding with huge jumps or just relax with a calm cruise around the lake. Kiting is the perfect combination of wind and terrain, whether you are on water, land or snow. Discover the thrill of harnessing the incredible power and energy of Mother Nature to fly and trick out as high as you want! Kiting is bound to become not only a fun recreational sport for you, but also a lifestyle that will change you forever!

So, are you are looking for a new adventure to redefine your life? The thrill of this wind-driven sport is guaranteed to push you beyond any level of fun you have ever experienced!
Our team of instructors is proud to be officially certified with the Professional Air Sport Association (PASA), the industry's leading accreditor. We implement only the best teaching methodologies and use the latest gear to get you up and riding fast. Our customizable lesson plans will satisfy students of all levels, from the aspiring beginners to the advanced. You will learn the skills to become a confident and self-sufficient pilot who can safely practice the sport of kiteboarding.

However, the fun does not stop after you graduate! Our lively community of local kiteboarders, who share the same passion, is waiting for you. You will continue to grow and explore kiteboarding on your own... but do not forget to come back for an advanced Top Gun training.

Ready to join the elite club? Come earn your WINGS!

Kiteboarding Lessons

Come EARN your wings with Kite Force Academy's private and semiprivate lessons. We offer kiteboarding, landkiting, and snowkiting training for students of all levels.