About Us

Kite Force Academy, located in Kansas City, is the Midwest's premier online kiteboarding store and professional kitesurfing school! Our mission is three-fold:
  • Serve as a one-stop shop for all your kiteboarding needs, including high performance gear, accessories, and top-notch apparel.
  • Provide our students with safe and high-quality kiteboarding training.
  • Promote and preserve the sport of kiteboarding, snowkiting, and landboarding.
Think you are ready to experience the pure rush of kiteboarding?!

Kiteboarding is the most exhilarating new wind sport to hit the Kansas City area! Be ready to either get your heart pounding with huge jumps or just relax with a calm cruise around the lake. Kiting is the perfect combination of wind and terrain, whether you are on water, land or snow. Discover the thrill of harnessing the incredible power and energy of Mother Nature to fly and trick out as high as you want! Kiting is bound to become not only a fun recreational sport for you, but also a lifestyle that will change you forever!

So, are you are looking for a new adventure to redefine your life? The thrill of this wind-driven sport is guaranteed to push you beyond any level of fun you have ever experienced!
Our team of instructors is proud to be officially certified with the Professional Air Sport Association (PASA), the industry's leading accreditor. We implement only the best teaching methodologies and use the latest gear to get you up and riding fast. Our customizable lesson plans will satisfy students of all levels, from the aspiring beginners to the advanced. You will learn the skills to become a confident and self-sufficient pilot who can safely practice the sport of kiteboarding.

However, the fun does not stop after you graduate! Our lively community of local kiteboarders, who share the same passion, is waiting for you. You will continue to grow and explore kiteboarding on your own... but do not forget to come back for an advanced Top Gun training.

Ready to join the elite club? Come earn your WINGS!

Our Team


Name:Aleksandr Elesev
Kite:Slingshot RPM
Board:Cabrinha Caliber
Conditions:20-25mph, Slicks or Smooth Rollers
Pro Riders:Dina Muldasheva, Daria Padenko,
Peter Tyushkevich, Youri Zoon
Spots:Dahab, Egypt; Cesme, Turkey; OBX, NC;
Kansas City
Food:Mediterranean and Russian Cuisine

Alex's Story

I am a serial entrepreneur, philosopher and bitcoin supporter. Extreme sports have been my passion for many years. My home, the Ural Mountains in Mother Russia, provided a long snowy season to rock the wild slopes. Turkey and Egypt always had excellent conditions for seaside windy getaways. As it happens in every story, one day it all changed! I saw a guy in Tenerife, Spain, who was trying to get on a surfboard while flying a big kite. However, he didn't have much luck, and I couldn't appreciate the vast power of this unseen sport. The revelation day came a year later in Egypt. I was windsurfing and saw a group of people riding small boards, flying kites, jumping high, and doing tricks. From my windsurfing standpoint at that moment, it looked absolutely amazing! That was it, the unseen sport of kiteboarding! It was easy to find what it was and where to learn it. I immediately started taking lessons and two weeks later, thanks to my instructor, I was already riding, doing transitions, and boosting my first jumps!

Later on, I came to America and moved to Kansas City, where I found a group of local kiteboarders. When I first met up with them at Smithville Lake, I saw a big green hill with a dozen kites and a few riders rocking on the water. The wind was blowing 25mph, and the sun was shining; it all looked like a hidden paradise! On that day, I met many great people with unique personalities, who soon became my best kiting buddies. Our diverse group of Kansas City kiteboarders constantly evolves and grows. It's always fun to hang out with them, chat, party, travel, and of course, kite together!

As a vigilant Wind Hunter, I am ready to kite ANYTIME and ANYWHERE! Kiteboarding opened up a new dynamic world of fun and endless progression for me. My goal here is to never stop learning and to kite all over the world!

I choose kiteboarding because I can fly!


Name:John Wires
From:USA, South Korea
Kites:North Vegas, Flexifoil Ion IV
Conditions:18-24mph - Steady, Smooth, and Wavy
Style:Wakestyle, Freestyle
Pro Riders:Andre Phillip
Music:Boys Hits Car, Killswitch Engage, Incubus, Nonpoint
Spots:Outer Banks North Carolina, Kansas City
Food:Asian and Thai Cuisine

John's Story

I have been kiteboarding a few years now, and I kite EVERY DAY as if it were my last!

Like yourself, I never knew that kiteboarding, snowkiting, or landboarding even existed in the Midwest - especially in Kansas City. Little did I know, there was an entire group of Kansas City Kiteboarders, all who were addicted as much as I was. Go figure! They are an excellent group of kiters whose dynamic personalities keep you intrigued as well as entertained. It's always a pleasure to kite and travel with them.

This has not only been the most exciting sport I have ever done, but also the most challenging. This is why I make it a personal goal to progress and push my limits every time I get the opportunity to kite. Maybe you will also become a "Wind Chaser" one day.
Kite Force Academy strives to offer all of our students the best kiting education. We have worked very hard in preparation of our course work to guarantee that you will have a memorable experience. In fact, we make it a personal goal to give you the best learning experience possible. We know that once you have your first flight, you won't look back.

Come EARN Your Wings...

Radio Helmets

Radio Helmets
Learn fast and efficiently with the latest technology aiding in kiteboarding instruction. All courses are taught with radio helmets, which provide instant feedback from your instructor, ultimate safety, and an accelerated learning curve.

Latest Gear

Latest Gear
Use only the state of the art equipment for safety and performance. Our stylish gear is specifically chosen for its easy maneuvering properties.

Dolphin Tours

Dolphin Tours
No wind? No worries! Kite Force Academy Dolphin Tours gives you a unique opportunity to see the incredible Smithville Lake dolphins! And if you are really lucky, you can even spot the great Wilson Lake whale! Disclaimer: Although the views of the whale and the dolphins jumping over our boat is breathtaking, we cannot guarantee that we will see them every time due to the very cautious nature of these sensitive creatures.