Our Team

Name:Aleksandr Elesev
Kite:Slingshot RPM
Board:Cabrinha Caliber
Conditions:20-25mph, Slicks or Smooth Rollers
Pro Riders:Dina Muldasheva, Daria Padenko,
Peter Tyushkevich, Youri Zoon
Spots:Dahab, Egypt; Cesme, Turkey; OBX, NC;
Kansas City
Food:Mediterranean and Russian Cuisine
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Name:John Wires
From:USA, South Korea
Kites:North Vegas, Flexifoil Ion IV
Conditions:18-24mph - Steady, Smooth, and Wavy
Style:Wakestyle, Freestyle
Pro Riders:Andre Phillip
Music:Boys Hits Car, Killswitch Engage, Incubus, Nonpoint
Spots:Outer Banks North Carolina, Kansas City
Food:Asian and Thai Cuisine
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