2014 Gear on Closeout! Hurry!

Hey All, 2014 Gear is on closeout!

The spring season was great and now that we are just getting use to the warm water, fall is upon us.  It will almost be time for the wetsuit and perhaps some new gear to land those tricks you wanted to before the season comes to an end with winter.  We still got plenty of fall season left so hit it hard!

Check it out and don’t miss the deals! Email us if you are looking for any deals!

Out with the Old, In with 2014!

Hey Kiters!

2013 season was amazing!

A lot of new students and great 2013 gear, still on sale with great prices by the way!

We finally finished updating out 2014 gear.

As always email us or call us for any pricing or questions.  At times we are testing new gear or teaching students  so don’t hesitate to email us, we respond almost INSTANTLY!

Let’s gear ready for new tricks and friends during our 2014 year!

See you on the water!

Team KFA

2014 Kiteboarding Item Listing!

Hey Guys,

The 2014 items are coming up soon! Stay tuned!

Feel free to call or email us for direct pricing and quotes or questions!

It’s getting colder, but the winds are awesome!

FREE Kiteboarding Lessons

Free Kiteboarding LessonsAlways wondered what it’s like to kiteboard or to fly a power kite? Kite Force Academy is giving you a unique chance to try it for FREE! Join our kiteboarding lesson clinic. This includes a brief introduction to kiteboarding and a 15 minute trainer kite flying session!

Here’s what you need to get a special invitation for the free lesson:

  1. Click the +1 button on
  2. Click the “LIKE” button on our Facebook Page
  3. Accept a friend request from Kite Force Academy that we will send you shortly after the above is complete.
  4. Email with the subject of “Clinic”.

When all 4 steps are completed, we will send you a confirmation email.

Free clinic lessons will be scheduled on selected weekends in the upcoming months.

Enjoy, we know everyone loves free stuff! :)

Cold Weather Landboarding In Kansas City

Hey Everyone!

We wanted to post something about our landboarding outing that took place a few weeks ago at our “Holy Hill” landboarding spot in Kansas City, Missouri.  The spot can be seen on our KFA map at

Over all I thought the day was excellent! The wind at this hill top is a bit choppy due to its location at the north part of Kansas City, by Vivion and North Oak Traffiway. But the grass is groomed well and the wind is solid enough to keep a good tack.

A student of ours also got a chance to take his kites out to fly them around a bit so that he wouldn’t get “rusty” as he waited for the wind to come back.

Speaking of kites, one can use his kiteboarding kite (leading edge inflatable) to use not only on the water but also on land. They are durable enough and more reliable during gusts versus a power foil type kite. I prefer these types of kites over any foil due to its ability to depower and keep its structure during turbulent times.

We recommend A LOT of time on ANY kite before starting to landboard.  The mistakes are obviously less forgiving and your kite skills are thoroughly tested when flying on land.  Every inch of movement can save you or break you when landboarding.  Don’t let this information scare you; we just want you fully aware and prepared for land kiting with the use of a mountainboard / landboard.

When you have dedicated the time to master the depowerable kite you will then only reap the benefits of landboarding on an open field, listening to music, and enjoying the wind and sun on your face as you cruise along to wherever the wind may take you.

Remember kite control is number one before you start to go mobile on any board :)

Have fun and we will see you out there!

Check out the NEW Snowkiting section!

Hey Guys!

So eventhough we haven’t got any snow yet in Kansas City, you can be sure it’s on its way!  The water will be frozen and the there will be snow on the ground.  These kite snowboards from Aboards are going fast so get one ordered today!  We also  hand picked a selection of specific bindings that we recommend using when snowkiting and also the boots to use.  If you have any questions on snowkiting in the Missouri or Kansas area be sure to check out out Location tab on our main page.

Kiteboarding Locations and Weather Page

Locations and Weather

Check out the new Locations and Weather page available from the top menu. It contains links to two new cool features we implemented for you!
1. Kiteboarding Locations Map – shows all spots for kiteboarding, landkiting, snowkiting and buggying on one map.
2. Kiteboarding Wind Weather Forecast – a highly customizable web application that shows you 6 day wind, temperature, rain and thunder forecast at many kiteboarding spots.
You will love those!

Wilson Wind Jam 2011

Wilson Wind Jam 2011

The biggest kiteboarding and windsurfing event of the year! Come party with us at Wilson Lake, KS on Memorial Weekend Friday evening May 27 through Sunday June 5.

Landboarding in Lawrence, Kansas!

We decided to stay a bit more warm and hit up Landboarding / Landkiting in Lawrence, Kasnas. Great times! Instead of water flying in your face, it was dirt, lol. The wind was a bit gusty but we were able to take some good tacks back and forth in the field. It felt great to leave a session nice and dry for once! Although we did end up going kiteboarding the next day…

Cold Water Kiting is POSSIBLE – Check this out!

Many people think that kiteboarding is only a warm water sport but that is not the case.  When actually, the colder it gets, the BETTER the wind!

Don’t let the cool weather fool you :) Come take a lesson to:
1. Get ready for snowkiting for winter
2. Start landboarding now
3. Be extreme and kiteboard with us in the water!

Kiteboarding is literally an all season sport – you never have to stop kiteboarding! No matter what the temperature, you can kiteboard – well until the water freezes.    :)

YouTube Preview Image
By the way, you might want to consider a drysuit like the one below for ultimate warmth.  Most of your body, besides your face, don’t get wet.  You come out of your cold water session nice and toasty!
YouTube Preview Image

Present Tense Teaser – Kiteboarding is at that Stage…

This is kiteboarding, present tense… Get out and ride!

Boosting at Smithville Lake!

The wind was blowing at Smithville Lake, so we decided to play :)   The sky was a bit cloudy when we arrived but it turned out to be a beautiful session in the end. There was a good showing and it looked like everyone had a fun time!

PKRA Argentina Day 1 – Kiteboarding in Patagonia – Course Racing and Freestyle 20

First day of competition in Bariloche, Argentina, PKRA 2010, Kiteboarding World Tour.YouTube Preview Image

Kite Force Academy students in training…

It’s the fall season, do you know what that means? The wind is HERE!

The weather was a bit cold but the students were eager to learn.  We started with Cadete Training – Stage 1. Wind Theory and Kite Control, since they were new to the sport of kiting.  It was an informative lesson with fun times on the trainer kite which taught them all about the “Wind Window.”

Here are some pictures of our last lesson with a few of the KFA students. We also decided to take the boat for a run.

Alex Caizergues Record Speed Run 2010- 54.1 knots or 62.25MPH !!!

YouTube Preview Image

Check out this speed!

October 12 2010, Alex Caizergues, native of Holy Harbor louis of the Rhône took his first run of the day alongside the lagoon of the mythical place of Luderitz, with an 8m kite.

Girls in Brazil – 2007 PKRA Kitesurfing World Tour

Girls Kiteboarding REPRESENT!

Single and Double elimination of the girls in the 2007 PKRA Kiteboarding World Tour – Praia do Coqueiro – Parnaiba – Piaui

YouTube Preview Image

Kiteboarding compilation of the best moves in kiteboarding!

This movie is my most favorite kiteboarding moves all put onto one movie. Most of the videos are videos you have probably seen before but just put together. I hope you like it alot!!! This movie includes kiteboarding/kitesurfing/freestyle/snowk­iting/landboarding!! enjoy!!! This video is also available for download at:

YouTube Preview Image

Naish House 2.0

Watch the full-length version of the Naish House 2.0 kiteboarding video, featuring phenomenal kiting by Naish team riders Robby Naish, Kevin Langeree, Ian Alldredge, Sam Light, Reo Stevens, Florian Daubos, Cyril Coste and Damien Girardin during their two-week adventure across Hawaii.

Ontario part 1 Kiteboarding (feat. Eric, Sam and Brian)

The Heavy Hitters meet up in Ontario Canada to visit friends and compete at the 2010 Sauble Beach Kite Jam. Look out for Ontario part 2 (feat. Evan, Brandon and Craig)… (Dropping Oct 15) Extra Thanks to: Daniel and Sam Medysky…?

Something Stronger DVD Snowkiting Highlights

Something Stronger DVD Highlights….AWESOME, can’t wait for snow!

YouTube Preview Image

Never ride a ski lift again, haha.

YouTube Preview Image
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