Kiteboarding Lessons

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No matter what your favorite element is, Kite Force Academy has a kiting sport for you:
  • Kiteboarding - on water
  • Landkiting - on land
  • Snowkiting - on snow
Kiteboarding Landboarding Snowkiting
Kite Force Academy offers private and semiprivate lessons for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. Lessons are divided into 2-3 hour stages of increasing difficulty. We recommend that all beginners start with Stage 1. Students with previous experience should assign themselves to the correct stage and demonstrate their skills to the instructor at the beginning of the lesson.

Kite Force Academy encourages all of our students to take semiprivate lessons for several reasons:
  • Reduced lesson rates
  • Ability to watch and learn from different perspectives
  • Group dynamics
  • New kiting friends!
We also offer private lessons that are customized just for you and your needs. We recommend our specifically tailored sessions if you want to progress rapidly, learn at your own pace, or focus on your individual goals.

Why take lessons from Kite Force Academy?
  • Professional Certified Instructors (PASA, First Aid, CPR)
  • Fully Insured Academy
  • Best Teaching Methodologies
  • Radio Helmets
  • Latest Gear
  • Teaching Simulators
  • Maximum of 2 Students per Instructor
  • Individualized and Flexible Lesson Plans
  • We Take a Personal Stake in Your Success

What to expect

Kiteboarding combines windsurfing, wakeboarding, and surfing with the aerial capabilities of paragliding. You can kiteboard on local beaches, inland lakes, and reservoirs. All you need is some wind and water, and you are ready to ride!

Kiteboarding lessons are split into 3 major courses that total 7 stages. We recommend all beginners first take both stages of the Cadet Training course. It covers the minimum skills you need to safely continue practicing kiteboarding on your own. You will learn how to fly a kite, get on the board, and ride downwind. Next, we recommend buying your own gear to start practicing and polishing these foundational skills. Before you master kite control and learn how to ride upwind, you may face tough times - but hang in there, don't give up!

If you are not progressing as fast as you want, get back to us - we have a lesson that is right for you: Stage 3. Kiteboarding Upwind in the Pilot Training course. Our instructors will be constantly guiding you by providing instant feedback with our state of the art radio helmets. This will end up saving you an extraordinary amount of time - not to mention potential repair costs on that new kite! The ultimate goal for this stage is learning how to stay upwind and become a self-sufficient kiteboarder.

The remaining stages focus on style and impressive tricks. At Stage 4. Kiteboarding Transitions, you will learn how to gracefully ride back and forth, splashing a big wave through stylish carved jibe turns. This will complete your requirements as a Kite Force Academy Pilot and will prepare you for the advanced Top Gun Training. Stage 5. Jumping will bring you to a new dimension of freedom and teach you how to FLY! Stage 6. Backrolls and Frontrolls will open for you an endless world of airborne tricks. And finally at Stage 7. Board Grabs, you will polish your sky maneuvers with style that only you can be known for!

Here are a few last things you need to know before you begin your epic journey.

Items to Bring:
  • Water Proof Sunscreen
  • Water Wear such as Rash Guard and Board Shorts or Wetsuit
  • Booties
  • Sunglasses with Neck Strap
  • Bottled Water and Snacks
  • Positive Attitude and a Desire to Learn Kiting!
Items Provided:
  • Kite
  • Control Bar
  • Harness
  • Radio Helmet
  • Life Vest
  • Kiteboard
Bonus Items That Come With Class:
  • Kite Force Academy T-shirt
  • Kite Force Academy Valuable Information Folder
  • Intro to Kiteboarding from Magazine
  • Experience of a Lifetime!
Below you can find a detailed description of each stage.

Cadet Training - Beginner

Stage 1. Wind Theory and Kite Control

This initial stage is vital - you will obtain a solid foundation in wind and kiting gear. You will then practice your skills with a large, sheetable kite. Here, you will learn kite control, the "power zone", launching and landing, self-rescue techniques, and much more.

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Stage 2. Body Surfing and Water Start

With the essential proficiencies leaned in the Stage 1, you're ready to take these skills to the water. We introduce the concept of power strokes and refine your skills on sheeting to help you maneuver the kite while body surfing. From here, we enlist the use of our radio helmets to help you get your first water start to start riding!

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Pilot Training - Intermediate

Stage 3. Kiteboarding Upwind

Now it's time to become a completely independent kiteboarder. Here you will learn how to go up wind in light or strong winds so that you are neither left stranded nor required to do the "Walk of Shame" (Having to walk back to the starting point from being blown downwind.)

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Stage 4. Kiteboarding Transitions

Making a smooth and stylish directional change is your next step into advancing your kiteboarding training. Let Kite Force Academy guide you into learning various transitions, which makes your ride even more enjoyable.

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Top Gun Training - Advanced

Stage 5. Jumping

Now it's time to experience what kiteboarding is all about! Learn how to boost and get some massive air, or unleash a wake style powertrick! The takeoff and landing are equally as crucial as the jump.

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Stage 6. Backrolls and Frontrolls

Start fine-tuning your riding style with rolls. Twists and turns give you a sense of freedom while laying the groundwork for more complicated tricks.

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Stage 7. Board Grabs

Grabs elevate your style of riding to another level! Not only will you learn how to steer the kite in a jump with one hand, but you will also bring your own expression to each trick.

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