Kiteboarding Locations & Wind and Weather Forecast

Locations Map

Kite Force Academy kiteboarding lessons are taught in the Kansas City area. Although, you can travel anywhere to chase the wind. To summarize information about most popular locations for riding we created a custom map. It shows water spots for kiteboarding marked with a blue water drop icon and land spots for landkiting, buggying and snowkiting marked with a green leaf icon. Each spot will give you a short description with location specifics. In addition to launch spots, the map shows various areas such as slicks with flat water that are good for practicing tricks. Click the map above to see all locations.

Kiteboarding Lakes
  • Smithville Lake
  • Clinton Lake
  • Melvern Lake
  • Hillsdale Lake
  • Perry Lake
  • Pomona Lake
  • Milford Lake
  • Wilson Lake
  • Cheney Lake
  • Hefner Lake
  • Horse Thief Reservoir
  • Great Salt Lakes
  • McConaughy Lake
  • Longview Lake
Landboarding, Snowkiting and Buggying Locations
  • Holy Hill
  • Memorial Park
  • Newmark Middle School
  • North Kansas City
  • Cow Town

Wind and Weather Forecast

The most convenient way to see the wind weather forecast at all locations is to use our custom web application. Check out the great features we implemented for you.

  • 6 day NOAA forecast at all popular locations.
  • Drag&Drop locations to move the ones you want to see first up top.
  • On mobile devices, tap the Up and Down icons to move the locations.
  • Include temperature, thunder and/or rain charts in addition to the default wind chart.
  • Collapse/Expand location's charts to hide locations that you don't want to see to speed up page loading.
  • All your settings such as additional charts and locations order are automatically saved in the browser on your device, so when you open the application next time you will see it customized to your preference.
  • Each location has a map link.

Kite Force Academy always welcomes any ideas and suggestions. Please email us any location details or pictures as well as new spots that you want to share with others and we will add them to the map.