Best 2015 Breeze V3 Complete


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We developed a board that enables you to enjoy a kite session even in the lightest wind. The Breeze is designed with a double concave shape with railsteps to enhance the lift and to provide earlier planing while reducing the drag. Even in wind below 10 knots the board starts to glide. We equipped it with a double edge rail for the best grip and upwind performance possible. The Supremo Wood Core makes it super light while providing an incredible flex making it easy to pop out of the water. The 3D torsion/shock absorber on the top of the board enhance this flex even further and adds more comfort. The Breeze easily absorbs chop and gnarly landings. The Breeze boards come fully lacquered and are therefore extremely durable. Go below 10 knots and enjoy every session to its fullest.

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