Crazyfly 2015 Buldozer


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Building up on the success of the 2014 Bulldozer, the 2015 Bulldozer remains a freestyle/wakestyle crossover board. On the bottom, the Bulldozer has a Quattro concave in the middle section of the board. The Quattro concave shape provides superior edging, comfort, and softest landings. Towards the tips, the Quattro concave changes into Hexa concave for more stiffness and ultra load ‘n’ pop. On the top, the Bulldozer received new insert positions and is now compatible with: SEC pads and straps, Dura pads and straps and also with wake bindings.

This board is shaped and constructed to be pushed hard, and it delivers amazing power on the water. We have reinforced the Bulldozer’s construction with Uni-directional Kevlar throughout the whole length of the board, which can be seen through the transparent finish. The Kevlar is a high strength and low weight composite and is used in military and space industries. Aside from the Uni-directional Kevlar, the Bulldozer also makes use of Multiaxial Fiber Glass. This construction provides a breathtaking amount of pop without making the board too stiff.

The Bulldozer comes complete with SEC footpads and Straps, Quick Fix II mounting system, Razor fins and a handle.

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